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Fall Decor Ideas

Fall Decor Ideas

Welcome back to the Franklin Commons Blog! Fall is in full swing here in Bensalem, PA, so celebrate by decorating your beautiful apartment! Today we have some ideas for fall decor you’ll love all season long.


Fall lantern

This beautiful, classy craft leaves a big impact without much effort on your end. All you need is a lantern (or a few, in similar or varying sizes), pinecones, and mini pumpkins and gourds. Then layer the pinecones, gourds, and pumpkins in with each other for a fun way to throw back to the mysterious tones of the season — with even more charm, of course.


DIY pumpkin flower pot

Get inspired by this idea to take your fall flower arrangements to a whole new level. Whether you use fake or real pumpkins and flowers, you can make this work for the aesthetic of your home. If you’re using real flowers, just add a block of soaked floral foam into your hollowed-out pumpkin vase to keep the flowers alive as long as possible.


Neutral copper fall centerpiece

Give your apartment a clean, unified look by trying this subtly majestic centerpiece. The blogger of this idea puts large and small white pumpkins on top of a plaid blanket, adding some of the mini pumpkins in a couple copper mugs. Pull it all together with a “give thanks” banner.


Leaf wreath

The Home Depot blog features a few ideas for adorning your front door with all the decorations you need to make a grand fall entrance into your apartment. Try all the ideas if you want. If you’re just trying one, however, we suggest the fall leaf wreath! It makes a statement, and you can get a wooden monogram letter of your last name’s initial to make it personal to you.


Find the materials you need for these or any other crafts you try by heading to a craft store near you. We hope you find what you’re looking for!


What are your favorite ways to decorate for fall? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to try your favorite fall crafts. Have fun!